6 May 2014

Sneak Peek // Vicky and Neil's Wedding

These are just a few sneaky peek images from the Wedding of Vicky and Neil at the Tythe Barn. It was an absolutely beautiful day and the weather was perfect. More to come soon when they are all finished! A massive thank you to Vicky and Neil for choosing me to be their photographer and I can't wait to show you both the rest of the photographs!

22 August 2013

New Website

I'm currently working on a new website to make things a little easier to navigate and bring my portfolio a bit more up to date. Please continue to look through this site and you can find my current portfolio link over on the left. As soon as it's done I'll let you know but I will still be posting on here for the time being!

On a side note the above photograph was taken the other night from my back window! The sky was so clear I managed to get a shot that shows some of the moons craters. I know we've all seen hundreds of pictures of the moon but it's just that little bit more exciting when you've taken it yourself! This moon is called the waxing gibbous by the way!
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